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A dinner worth staying back for

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Mark copywriter Jono Flannery dips his spoon to savour the inaugural M&C Saatchi cooking class.

Of all the award-winning work that comes out of M&C, it is the café that deserves the most accolades.

Our resident master-chef Vicki Uriarte (pictured in a state of suspended gesticulation) delivers creative masterpieces daily, in record time, and on the most frugal of budgets.

So, when she decided to open her kitchen doors to the staff for the first of three cooking courses, ‘quick and easy meals’, it was met with great excitement.

10 lucky M&C Saatchi staffers from all departments, gathered in the café to begin their culinary education.

After a brief introduction to cooking, where the differences between a teaspoon and tablespoon were painstakingly explained to Sam Holt, we split into pairs and began to cook.

Vicky had taken the liberty of preparing all the ingredients onto separate trays, one for each team.

Each pair toiled away, while Vicki offered advice on everything from how to chop capsicum to why you salt pasta. And as the cooking neared completion, some interesting trends began to arise.

While the copywriters sung the praise of their food, the art directors took the more aesthetic approach. Account service fretted the food wouldn’t be made on time, and finance decided we had cooked too much.

But when it was all said and done, and we sat down to eat, all agreed that (cliché alert) food was the winner on the day.

A massive thank you to Vicki for opening her doors, and secrets, to us the food plebeians. 

‘One pot wonders’ and ‘baking' still to come!

Check out all the action here in pics taken by Mark Junior Digital Designer Jess Dang.