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Sign here to stop the killing

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We’re doing a campaign for Amnesty International that hopes to help put an end to the killing of fifteen hundred people a day as a result of conflict and armed violence.

The root cause of most of this violence is the fact that the global arms trade has no international regulations.

Because of this, many of the world’s weapons end up in the wrong hands, including those of tens of thousands of child soldiers.

We’ve created a unique digital petition. When people sign or type their name the letters actually create an underground tunnel through which a child soldier crawls to escape.

Your signature literally is the ‘Path to Freedom’. The signatures will go towards Amnesty’s global petition calling for a worldwide Arms Trade Treaty to regulate the arms trade. This proposed treaty will be negotiated by the UN this July.

In spite of being live for less than two weeks we are already more than a third of the way to Amnesty’s target of 20,000 signatures.

The campaign has enlisted also a few high profile endorsers to help spread the word: Blue King Brown, Jamie Durie, Matt Preston, The Chaser team, Zoe Foster and Alex Perry.

The more signatures we can collect by 30 June, the more pressure we’ll be able to put on UN Member States for a strong treaty.

Your signature could make all the difference, please sign here.