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M&C Saatchi’s Google Play campaign launches new Presets single on Google’s revolutionary Cube

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The newest single from electronic dance duo The Presets has been released along with a special music video made for the Cube, an experimental platform for interactive storytelling developed by Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney. 

The track launches in a campaign created for Google Play by M&C Saatchi Sydney, with web development done by Potato (London)

Utilising WebGL and HTML5 technologies, the Cube creates a viewing experience which allows the user to explore six unique audio-video streams across six sides.

Viewers are able to toggle between the related stories playing out on any one of the six sides or multiple sides simultaneously depending on how they rotate the floating Cube.

The campaign, debuting The Presets’ new track “No Fun” will roll out online with rich banners that feature an interactive Cube ad, built using Doubleclick Studio and HTML5.

The music video was directed and produced by Barnaby Roper (David Bowie, Kanye West, Banks) and Black Dog Films.

Each of the Cube’s six sides will stream a different audio and video iteration of the track to showcase its ability to re-imagine video.

Or, as Google puts it in a blog post: ”it wraps synth-bass, trance melody, and bold sounds around the six sides of the cube in an awesome and mind-bending way.”

The experience is viewable in Google Chrome and on Anroid devices.

Have a play.

M&C Saatchi Group Innovation Director Ben Cooper urges anyone to have a go.

“It’s not until you truly interact with It that the Cube’s brilliance comes to life. Seamlessly switching between sides gives each user a truly unique experience.”

Google Lab Creative Director Tom Uglow said: “Music videos have long been a creative canvas for awesome directors and forward-thinking artists.

“It’s a thrill to team up with The Presets on what we think might be the world’s first six-sided music video, using our new experimental storytelling platform, the Cube.”

It’s easily embeddable too - just hit the share button to embed on your own blog or website #nofun.

No Fun is available exclusively on Google Play for the next 24 hours. 


M&C Saatchi’s Vine vids the perfect medium to drive home shocking fact on ‘World No Tobacco day’

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M&C Saatchi Sydney has created a pro bono online video campaign for global anti-smoking charity QUIT in which the medium is quite literally the message.

A native Vine campaign, the videos were uploaded to the social network for sharing and driving awareness of the dangers of smoking around World No Tobacco Day (31 May).

Vine, with its unique 6-second looping video format, is the perfect medium to communicate the fact that every 6 seconds someone in the world dies from smoking.
The campaign consists of 3 Vine videos, one for each major smoker demographic:

- The invincible Millennial


-  The apathetic youth


- The resigned older smoker

Each drags on a cigarette and exhales as the line appears: “Before this video starts again, another smoker will die."

A chilling demonstration, in real-time, of how often – and how many – smoking kills.

Each video ends with a different tailored outtake for each demographic.

QUIT UK CEO Glyn McIntosh said: "The fact that someone dies of a smoking-related disease every 6 seconds is shocking – that means 14,400 smokers will die on ‘World No Tobacco Day’ alone.

"M&C Saatchi has dramatised it in a way that will drive awareness, debate and donations. Ultimately, this highly emotive work will inspire people to quit and help us save lives."

M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director Ben Welsh said: "Tying the 6-second Vine format to the chilling 6-second fact means that the medium is the message and a very powerful one. It's a great use of the Vine platform and a perfect example of 'brutal simplicity' in action."

PS: In the 2 minutes it took you to read this, another 20 smokers died.



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