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Freedom | Replace Everything

Office: Sydney
Client: Freedom
Date: May 2009
Offering: Integrated

The problem

We needed to drive Freedom’s mid season sale, at a time where the GFC hype had created a cluttered and competitive retail environment full of screaming & desperate discounting. Sales messaging consistently gave a nod to hard financial times and toned down the customer call to action accordingly e.g. dress for less, thrift trends, updates on a budget. The barrage of discount figures had begun to lose meaning.

Consumer insight

I‘m looking for a great bargain, but not at any price.  My home is too important. All these discount figures just lose their value.

Brand insight

Freedom’s mid-season sales event makes it temptingly easier to have the quality of living and inspiration you want.

The powerful truth

Real beauty is much more than discount deep.

The solution

Our solution was to bust out of the frugal, tentative spending mindset. We know that our shopper is looking for a bargain – but not at any price. Their home is far too important.  We wanted to make it clear that Freedom had a sale so good that you could afford to replace absolutely everything.