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Tennis Australia | Ready? Play Masterbrand TVC

Office: Melbourne
Client: Tennis Australia
Date: January 2012
Offering: Direct

The problem

To reinvigorate awareness and interest in Tennis for all generations of Australians                                      

Ultimately driving participation in Tennis across Australia – Research tells us that most people ‘used to play tennis’ – this activity will get them back on the court.

Consumer insight

“When I was a kid I played tennis, I don’t really know why I stopped – life just got in the way. Are there still courts around? Don’t you have to be a member?”

Brand insight

Tennis is focussed on bringing Australians back on the court through new products and reminding us why we enjoyed it previously.

Through the AO, new products – Cardio Tennis and MLC Tennis Hot Shots and the basic concept of ‘having a hit’ Australians will see Tennis in a fresh way. 

The powerful truth

Tennis – ‘Accessible Play’.

The solution

Apart from the exclusive perception, there are two other significant key barriers stopping people participating in Tennis today – Time and Technology. Time because people are time poor so often they revert to the same old habits and are unwilling to commit to new activities and Technology because the growth of the connected world virtually has meant a less connected world physically.

In light of these barriers, we could follow the current Sporting Brand Blueprint which include brand positionings such as ‘Just do it’ or ‘Be your best’. However, these positionings don’t overcome these modern life barriers, they simply just apply more pressure and could make many people switch off. Therefore, by positioning Tennis around a lifestyle benefit of ‘Play’ (which is more than just ‘sport’), we are more capable of engaging with our audiences.

The ‘Play’ brand  benefit also has the ability/flexibility to target further messages depending on the audience and product we are talking to/about.