Brutal Simplicity
Of Thought

It’s at the heart of everything we do.
From creative thinking, to creative work.
From how we are structured, to the systems we use.
It is born from a deep dislike for vagueness and waffle.
A preference to get to the point. A modern form of manners in a world short of time.
It works on the premise that it’s easier to complicate than simplify.
Simple messages enter the brain quicker and stay longer.
Brutal simplicity of thought is therefore a painful necessity.

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10 Companies

The M&C Saatchi Group is a confederation of 10 specialist agencies.
Each with a different centre of gravity. All under one roof.
Together, we engage the consumer at every point they experience a brand.
The result: a Group that's much stronger than the sum of its parts.

M&C Saatchi

Whether it’s a multimillion dollar brand relaunch for CommBank, a new customer engagement platform for NRMA, or an innovation play through social media for Lexus, M&C Saatchi have a proven capacity to deliver business success through the creation and execution of powerful brand platforms.

Our process begins with a simple question – Why will people care? By defining the business challenge, mapping the customer journey to identify consumer insights, and immersing ourselves in cultural influences, our creative product has proven to place brands at the heart of a cultural conversation, and ultimately deliver a greater return on investment for our clients’ brands.

M&C Saatchi Mobile

M&C Saatchi Mobile is the original mobile-first global media agency.

Working with some of the world’s largest brands, their award-winning approach to problem solving in a mobile first world drives the work they do, translating into a performance based strategies that exceed their client’s expectations every time.

M&C Saatchi

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For years brands have treated all their customers the same. But today's customers expect to be recognised and valued as individuals. They want seamless experiences, tailored to them.

Successful brands understand and empower these new individuals. This is where LIDA can help.

LIDA uses data, technology, strategy and creativity to identify, engage and motivate new and existing customers. This enables brands to create truly data-driven experiences designed for today's customers.

Sports & Entertainment

We're passionate people.

We bring your brand to life. Simply put, we engage people through things they love in order to drive business results.

Hidden Characters

Hidden Characters is a progressive PR and influencer agency.

PR has changed dramatically. The inputs, outputs and outcomes are more important than ever before. Hidden Characters is focused on solving client’s business problems while making sure their audience is at the heart of everything.

Hidden Characters understands how real people live and at what point in their day to influence them with tightly targeted messages, that will definitely create an impact.

Tricky Jigsaw

Industries have always been disrupted by the new and the better. What’s different now is the speed at which disruption happens. Ideas can be tested on social then funded in a blink. If an idea doesn’t resonate – adapt and try again.

Tricky Jigsaw helps business innovate. Not just generate ideas.

But create them fast and test even faster.

The science is ensuring users’ experiences are understood and built upon to drive product and service development.

We see this as the only way of reaching the new audiences and markets that are critical to keeping businesses in business and people in jobs.


Bohemia was founded to challenge the definition of media and the function of a media agency.

Bohemia harnesses the power of media in all its forms to create profitable customer growth for clients. How? By analysing real-time customer intelligence to find new growth potential, by co-creating remarkable brand experiences that lead and live in culture, and by dynamically delivering media to market with precision and without compromise. This is wrapped in a 100% transparent business model that always puts clients first.


Today, digital technology has changed the nature of experience. In doing so, it has dramatically altered how culture works.

Organisations no longer have control over the meaning of their brands. In this new world, competitive advantage is transient. Brands that cannot evolve as new challenges present themselves are destined to fail.

At Re, they believe that by first identifying the broader cultural landscape, they can create brands with flex to be surprising, to be adaptive, to listen and cater to customers desires.

Re creates brands that move at the speed of culture.


There are 1440 minutes in a day. That’s 1440 opportunities to cut through the clutter. Stop people in their tracks. To connect with their customers. 1440 can help you do just that. As a full service retail agency, the 1440 team immerse themselves in every detail of retail to redefine brands through new ideas and experiences.


The Source is an integrated qual/quant research agency that provides accurate and actionable market intelligence for leading brands.

Everything starts with your customer. Their promise is to get you closer to them.

At The Source they believe that one of the fundamental aims of market research is to bring the consumer into sharp focus – to give businesses the richest, most accurate picture of their customers as is possible.

Do this well and businesses will know what decisions to take, what levers to pull and which strategies to implement.