Academy of Saving

Academy of Savings
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No one is born a good saver.

Proof is that the banks compete on interest rate and savers follow them.

The obvious opportunity in the market, was to offer value beyond just rate.

Why not give CommBank customers all the support they needed to become better savers?

By helping them reach their savings goals, we would not only create happier customers, but attract more in the process.

The Big Idea

To help Australians save we created the Academy of Saving, an institution in the form of an online hub.

It provides savings advice and support, through videos, tools and tips, as well as offering in-branch access to Savings Specialists.

It’s where everyone can learn to become a better saver.

The campaign launch in late 2014 included in-branch, digital, mobile, radio and television which celebrates the graduates who were enabled to reach their savings goals.

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