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uplift in brand recall
positive sentiment
uplift consideration for CommBank as their main bank


We launched the CommBank ‘Can’ positioning in May 2012. After the doom and gloom of the GFC it was just what Australia needed to hear. And before long the bank had become number 1 in Customer Satisfaction. But a year from launch, attitudes had become more positive, and our ‘negativity stifles progress’ insight was less relevant. ‘Can’ was still right, but our insight changed to ‘positivity propels you forward’.

The Big Idea

An uplifting story about a man whose lifelong love of music finally brought him fame at the age of 67. Our hero, Steve Clisby, was filmed singing a unique and positive song, created by the agency, that celebrated his belief in ‘Can’. Three Little Letters was available on iTunes and made it to number 77. You could also download it free on the CommBank website. A behind-the-scenes video of Steve talking about his beliefs has so far had over 4.1 million plays.

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