Gifts worth giving.

increase in overall income
increase in the number of donations made by Recovered/Win Back Donors
The campaign made Marketing Magazine’s Top 10 Aussie Christmas ads for 2014


The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) is solely dedicated to funding scientific research that will end cancer.

They have awarded over $100m in research grants to Australian cancer research institutes since their inception.

Their research projects and facilities focus on speeding up the discoveries of preventions, diagnoses and cures of cancer.

Every bit of support the ACRF receives moves society closer to bringing an end to cancer. A donation to the ACRF is a contribution to new diagnoses, treatments and cures.

The Big Idea

Christmas is a time of giving. But we are given so many ‘token’ or unwanted gifts, that more often than not, we simply don’t need. A gifted ACRF donation is a genuinely meaningful Christmas gift however and is the complete antithesis of Christmas consumerism.

Our Christmas appeal strategy was to make this festive season – a time to give to society. To re-place ‘token’ Christmas gifts with the perfect gift, a donation to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

This Christmas, ask for something we all need – an end to cancer.

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