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Many Australians mistakenly overlook eBay when it comes to their Christmas shopping, unaware that the platform has a huge array of products from Australia’s best retailers, options to pick up at local partner stores and delivery before Christmas guarantees.

eBay Xmas
eBay Xmas The Princess
eBay Xmas The Sultan
eBay Xmas The Lorde

The Big Idea

eBay set us the challenge of changing perceptions of their platform, to prove their credentials as a credible gifting destination at Christmas.

After looking at the habits of shoppers on the website during the festive period, we developed a series of insight-driven characters that define the various types of Australian Christmas shoppers.

Our ambition was to instigate a Christmas shopping movement with eBay at its core, asking all to ‘Join the Gift’d’ – those that give good gifts with minimal effort and at a great price.

By bringing to life the benefits of the platform via humourous content pieces delivered via a targeted online campaign, we brought the joy (and ease) of Christmas shopping back to Australia.

eBay Xmas The Don
eBay XmasThe MAster

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