Love Coming Home



In recent years, the furniture & homewares category has been a battle ground for the best value or the lowest price. While competitors continue to discount product and its value in the process, Freedom wanted to remind customers why it’s a brand that has been loved by Australians since it opened in 1981.

By moving in a direction that separated them from a heavily sales driven category, the new campaign aims to connect with Australians on an emotional level and reignite a passion for Freedom by showcasing it as ‘the’ destination for stylish, contemporary and affordable furniture to suit any space. After all, it doesn’t matter how different we all are in style and personality, there’s one thing that we all love, and that’s coming home.

The Big Idea

We all love that feeling of coming home; of walking through the door into a home we love. Its that wonderful moment of coming back to the beautiful home you’ve created – the home that’s uniquely yours (thanks to the help of Freedom). It could be the moment of… Walking into your backyard after a swim at the beach; Driving up a windy gravel driveway to your house; Visiting the home you grew up in; Taking a dingy to your lake cabin; Or just catching the bus home after a busy day at work.

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