No Waves with Tyler Wright


With data free streaming from Optus and the launch of iPhone 7, entertainment on the go has never been better.

Through a beautifully shot and engaging story, we were able to show how Optus effortlessly enhances every day experiences.

No Waves

The Big Idea

World surfing champion Tyler Wright was a great fit for this concept. An aspirational and authentic athlete, she is continually striving to be her best.

This idea is about getting the most from your day. With the data free entertainment offer from Optus, there’s no need to curb your Netflix or Spotify habits because you can watch or listen to as much as you want, without using your data.

With Tyler Wright, we were able to tell the story of how a pro surfer spends a day off when there are no waves. It was also a great way to demonstrate how Optus helps “Turn days off into days on”. Whether it’s through sharing photos, watching your favourite TV show or listening to music, thanks to Optus, that day can be made even better.

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