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Australia wide, there’s a lack of adequate protection for the great Australian dream, our homes. Home owners (and even renters) are unaware of the natural perils and threats that pose a risk to that protection. They needed transparent, easy to comprehend information about insurance to help them better protect their homes, valuables and loved ones, yet no source such as this had ever been created in Australia before.

Insurance Australia Groups’ vision is to “help make the world a safer place” for their customers. With this promise serving as our creative challenge, we launched the Safer Homes online tool designed to open the virtual flood gates of insurance transparency, understanding and education to not only NRMA Insurance customers, but to all Australian homeowners alike.

Since launching in October 2015, has amassed over 200,000 visitors to the website. Users are being empowered to learn more about their homes, insurance, risks and surrounding communities whilst at the same time making it safer. As the nature of protection and insurance continually changes and evolves, our commitment to customer value and data led integration at the remains at the heart of all NRMA Insurance communications and product development.

NRMA Insurance Safer Homes

The Big Idea

There are terrible ways to protect your home, like having a teeny tiny “guard dog”. Then there are amazing ways to protect your home like the NRMA Insurance Safer Homes online tool. It’s got everything you need to protect your home and your family from risks and threats associated with your address.

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