The Floating Eye


The Shanghai Biennale not only provides a platform for the showcase of contemporary art production, but also forums where artists can meet, exchange and expand their experience. As the largest international art event in Mainland China, it attracts over eight million visitors.

Within a multitude of pavilions, Sydney was part of the Inter-City section, offering observations of a city’s shifting references and influences. Our challenge was to create standout and recognition, and build on the curatorial theme, ‘The Floating Eye’. This theme encompassed the varied perspectives of the city’s transforming reality observed though its demographics, environment, history, geography and society.

The Big Idea

The solution was to create a visual language of symbols, each representing different attributes and feelings of a place. A series of black and white kinetic geometric forms were overlaid with fluorescent shapes, creating a shifting geographic experience. This enabled the Sydney Pavilion to tell a story through colour and shape, overcoming any language issues for Chinese and international visitors, and avoided the need for wordy articulation. The identity was instantly intriguing to visitors from around the world.

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