This is Confidence

This is Confidence

“Confidence is the calm before, during and after the storm.”


With increased competition from price-chasing insurance newbies, NRMA Insurance’s positioning as Australia’s largest insurer was under threat.

This next instalment of NRMADE Better needed to demonstrate the value of NRMA Insurance, and justify our endline.

The big idea

When it comes to levels of expertise, experience and knowledge, few insurers can rival NRMA Insurance. We knew how important trust and security (being made to feel secure by your insurer) is, and no one can quite do this like NRMA Insurance.

So we decided to bring this feeling of always having someone by your side to life by introducing Confidence.

Confidence gives you, well… Confidence. Confidence to live your life to the full knowing that if something does happen, NRMA Insurance is by your side. Confidence will be popping up everywhere from TV brand ads, retail comms, on the side of a bus, in social, on the website, in sponsorship activities, wherever NRMA is giving you confidence.

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