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Losing your wallet used to mean no money. But with CommBank, customers can now withdraw cash from an ATM without a card using the Cardless Cash technology.
Funny thing is, when you can’t find your wallet, you’ll search everywhere for it (even if you have to search an entire city).

The Big Idea

We took the largest panoramic shot of Sydney ever taken (125 Gigapixel) and hid 100 wallets through the city’s nooks and crannies.

In an interactive game, users zoomed in and out, panning around the city searching for one of the 10 daily wallets. If they found one, they won $200.

The prize money was redeemed through a unique code sent to their smartphone that allowed them to experience Cardless Cash from any CommBank ATM.


“Where’s my wallet?” increased daily visits to the product page by 117% while the number of app downloads increased by 15%.

During the 10 days of gameplay it received 43,000 unique visitors that spent on average 12 minutes on the site, while winners took on average 64 minutes to find a wallet – on the 9th day, the average was 133 minutes!


21,000 robotically controlled shots created the 8,000 images that were stitched together resulting
in a 125 Gigapixel photo – the largest photograph ever taken in Australia. Check out how we did it.

My wallet

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